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anja meinhardt

Born in Germany, Anja originally started her training in musical theatre in Vienna where she graduated in 2006. During her time there, she performed at various theatres and toured with a children´s theatre company throughout Austria and Eastern Europe.

Having never quite settled down in these genres though, she soon discovered her fascination for physical theatre and contemporary dance, which she both studied intensively in Vienna and subsequently in Oxford, where she is based since 2009, while continuing to train in aerial dance and capoeira. As a performer she worked with several companies, including PointZero, FireFly, Paulette Mae and JJDC and is mentored by David Glass.

She works as theatre maker, solo dance artist and movement director, and has founded physical theatre company Justice In Motion to combine her interest in Social Justice with her passion for the Arts, using her skills to make a difference in our culture and society. Anja is also vice chair of Oxfordshire Theatre Makers and on the Steering Group of the Oxford Dance Forum.

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