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Throughout the Covid pandemic, key surveys have been carried out to monitor its impact on arts and cultural industry workers, organisations and audiences. 


All of the venues in Oxfordshire have put together a document detailing what spaces they have available and what they can off to theatre makers.

Asset audit

A guide to the physical assets available to artists in Oxfordshire

guide to making print

A guide to designing and printing posters and flyers for your show.

Press release template

A guide to writing and distributing a press release.

funding central

Funding Central is a national search engine for grants (covers all sectors, not just theatre). You fill in your profile with the type of funding/grants you are looking for and get a regular newsletter every few weeks with available grants and upcoming deadlines. Other information on fundraising techniques is available on the website.

house theatre

Advice and opportunities for touring shows. Their resources page contains articles on everything from marketing, to access, to finance.

tour finder

The free national listings site for artists and programmers.

SBTD 'Looking for a designer' guide

The Society of British Theatre Designers have put together a guide for emerging directors on how to find and hire a designer.


Oxford is part of Equity's vital network of branches throughout the UK, which gives members a voice in the union and much more.


Oxford's BECTU Rep at the New Theatre is Jane Connolly. Her email address is

julie's bicycle

Julie's Bicycle is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the arts. They have comprehensive PDF guides for every aspect of theatre making.

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