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Associate membership

We know that you don’t have to work professionally in theatre to make an important contribution to the theatre scene in Oxfordshire. Anyone can become an associate member – anyone in Oxfordshire who has an interest in theatre. Oxfordshire is full of talent and our view is that we can all benefit by working together and creating a vibrant local theatrical scene, both professional and socially.

All you need to do to become an Associate Member is to join our mailing list and our Facebook group. The you’ll start hearing all about our great local events and shows! However, OTM is a volunteer-led organisation and relies on the active engagement of our members to deliver all of our great benefits and to remain effective and sustainable, so please consider whether you might be able to help us out with anything, from running a skillshare to greeting people at an event.


Whatever your skills and talents, we’d love to hear from you! If you are able to help us out, whether on a regular or one-off basis and even if you’re not sure how, please email

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