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Dariusz K. Parczewski

Born in Poland, 1973. I graduated from the Warsaw University with a Master’s degree in Polish Philology.


After that I lived and worked in Warsaw where I co-operated with the Arts Contemporary Centre in Ujazdowski Castle; "New Books Magazine"; MIRONALIA Poetry Festival. I also worked as a second director in the feature film. In 2002 I moved to Biała Podlaska - my home town and started to work as a teacher for Gramma School where I created “3/4 THEATRE”. On this stage I directed few performances and monodramas witch won some Awards.


I moved to Oxford in England where I made the multimedia project Oxford Kids Nativity Play - an Award on the Multimedia and Film Catholic Festival, Niepokalanów 2013, Poland. This project's includes "The Christmas Morning" - a radio play and "The Infant Jesus" - a short film/video clip. This film won the OxCARS for the best short film on the Oxford Film Festival, Oxford University 2012 and the GOLD CAT on the Independent Video Clip Festival in Lublin 2014, Poland I also made few documentary films and sub-wrote "KOLBE" the biography comics book about St Maximilian Maria Kolbe who gave his live covered family father in Auschwitz the concentrate camp during Second Ward War.

My free time activities include reading, playing chess, tennis, badminton and cycling.

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