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Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

Doc Andersen-Bloomfield is an American born in California and grew up in the south. She’s acted/directed/written in the theatre since the age of 11. She taught in UCLA Theatre Arts department and was one of the ‘founding mothers’ of Women in Theatre in Los Angeles. After years of teaching theatre arts to young people (both sides of The Pond), she now lives and writes full time independently (to the Bechdel Test) as well as with the Oxford Playwrights, Oxford Theatre Makers and Oxford Actors Network in Oxford, England. Doc is on Face Book as well. She writes/attends all workshops/rehearsals/productions wherever and whenever possible.

Oxford Playwrights (Face Book and website)
West Oxfordshire Writers (FB & website)
Oxford Theatre Makers FB
Playwriting UK

Playwriting Resume/Bio:

Sharp Scratches Theatre, London, Hope for Us All, March 31, 2019

IN MY BONES (latest full length script):
April, 2019
In final consideration with Druid Theatre, Galway, Ireland.
May, 2019
‘Playbites’, Oxford Playhouse, September 26, 2018 The Right Dinner Party
SPITFIRE SISTERS (full length) to be produced June-July, 2019
The Space Theatre, London, and Enstone Airfield Spitfire Festival, Oxford
Spitfire Sisters, professional staged reading The Space, September 9th, 2018
Winner, Little Black Dress Competition, 8th Annual Female Playwrights On Stage Festival, 2019
Where Mama Left Off
to be produced throughout the year, 2019, by women’s theatres throughout the United States
Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, Louisiana
Where Mama Left Off
to be produced throughout the state, throughout the coming year, 2019
NOVA THEATRE, all women’s theatre, Oxford produced
Where Mama Left Off February 4th, 2019
Burton Taylor Theatre, Oxford July 20th & 21st, 2018 Pretty Polly’s Dead (full length play)
Runner up in Bread & Roses Playwriting Award, 2017 Bread & Roses Theatre, London, UK,
Little Did I Know (full length refugee play)
Produced February 6th-10th, 2018
The Cherwell Boathouse, Oxford May, 2018 Hope for Us All
Raw Bites, Zephyr Theatre, Los Angeles July 6th-22nd, 2018 Hope for Us All

Winner, Little Black Dress Competition, 7th Annual Female Playwrights On Stage Festival, in honour of Women’s History Month & Int’l Women’s Voices Festival
Imagination Theatre, Milwaukee, Wisconsin January 21st, 2018 This Noise
Red Earth Theatre, Sedona, Arizona March 10th, 2018 This Noise

Doc Andersen-Bloomfield, winner of Theatre Oxford’s 2017 (Mississippi, USA) Short Play Competition—Being Mortal ($1,000 and production in Sept/Oct 2017)
Ch St Clement’s Theatre, Oxford, UK November 8th-10th, 2017 Hope for Us All

Cherwell Boathouse Theatre May, 2017 Being Mortal

Pegasus Theatre, Oxford, England December, 2016 Being Mortal

OFF BEAT FRINGE--Oxford Theatre Makers 24 hour marathon plays And She Said She Wouldn’t June 21st-22nd, 2016 Old Fire Station Theatre

Short-listed**Kenneth Branagh Prize (one act) Little Did I Know

The Cherwell Boathouse Theatre & Restaurant, Oxford, May - June, 2016
Miss Lavinia’s Antiquated Oddities

Oxford Playwrights—one acts November 28th, 2015 Little Did I Know

Rialto Theatre, Brighton, England ‘Scratch Night’, one acts, Little Did I Know November 15, 2015

Oxford Playhouse ‘Playbites’ Sept 22nd-25th, 2015 Stuffed

The Cherwell Boathouse Theatre & Restaurant, Oxford Grief Bacon July 27th-30th, 2015

The Garden Theatre, Oxford, OP June 19th-20th, 2015 This Noise

Long listed, British Theatre Challenge Spring, 2015 Maybe Charlie, Maybe Not

Pint-Size Productions, Wales Spring, 2015-06-21 This Noise

Venus Theatre Shack, Laurel, Md. USA, March 19th-April 12th, 2015 God Don’ Like Ugly (full length play)
Awarded Best New Play, 2015, and best director by Washington DC Metro Arts, 2015. 4 & 5* reviews

St Clement’s Theatre, Oxford, May 10th-12th, 2014 Maybe Charlie, Maybe Not

Oxford Arts Centre December, 2014 Tempting Mo

Oxford Playwrights’ One Acts November 9th, 2013 God Don’ Like Ugly
St Clement’s Theatre, Oxford.

The Family Have Been Informed Old Fire Station Theatre, Oxford, England. Two week run, November, 2013 (full length play)

The Tobacco Factory, Isle of Dogs, London August 4th, 2013, The Family Have Been Informed staged reading

International Cambridge Theatre Festival, won 2nd place (New Writing out of 190 plays) July, 2013, The Long Walk

Oxford Playwrights One Acts May, 2013, Steven’s Mum

Oxford Playwrights One Acts June, 2013 Me, MySpace and I

Long listed for King’s Cross Award, Courtyard Theatre London, 2013 the Family Have Been Informed

Short listed, Kenneth Branagh Playwriting Award, Windsor Theatre Festival, Faceless, Summer, 2013

Short listed, Kenneth Branagh Playwriting Award, Windsor Theatre Festival, The Long Walk, Summer, 2012

Oxford New Writing Production: two week run October, 2012: The Recluse (one act)
(in coordination with Oxford City St Frideswide celebrations)

Oxford Playwrights One Acts: Oxford Garden Theatre Autumn, 2012: Not Today Nancy

Oxford Playwrights One Acts: Oxford Garden Theatre Spring, 2012: This Hard Earth

University of Liverpool's (International Playwriting Competition, won 2nd place:
Why Are You Still Here? Autumn, 2010

Oxford Playhouse, Burton Taylor Studio: The Negotiation
(winner of Oxford Playhouse New Writing for 2011)

Off Cut Theatre Festival, London, 2010 Mad Mary Dancing (Old Red Lion Theatre)

The Royal National Theatre in partnership with Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Doc was one of 12 playwrights selected to work in the new playwriting seminar to performance programme, produced in The National Theatre Discovery Programme. Summer 2010-Winter 2012. Matt Charman, (playwright and screen writer: Bridge of Spies) tutor.


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